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National Public Speaker/Educator


Natasha has passion, heart and soul of a warrior and survivor of life's adversities. She is an example of what Resilience is. Being a health care advocate for her patients, advocate for peers and the organizations she serves, she strives to raise the bar. 2014 she was awarded critical care nurse of the year for Northern Nevada Nurse of Achievement. 2015 she was nominated for Emergency nurse of the year for the same venue. 2017 she graduated with her MSN specializing in education. Her Final Capstone research focus was Abating Workplace Violence for Health Care Workers. She plans to graduate with her (DNP) Doctorate in Nursing Practice the end of 2019.  She has taken her experiences and clinical expertise across the nation. The following is an example of the few speaking/webinars she has been part of:

  • November 7th, 2019- Renown Health Nursing Excellence Conference- Invited Hot Topic Speakers
    • Promoting Staff Resilience through Distress Defusings via Code Lavenders
    • Location and Time TBD


  • 2019-The Suicided Mind to The Resilient Mind in First Responders-  May 22, Venue Renown South.


  • 2018- ENA 2018- Abating Workplace Violence for Health Care Providers- Pittsburg, PA

  • 2018- CCTMC- Heroes are Human Too: Exploring Depression, PTSD and Suicide among First Responders- San Antonio Texas

  • 2018- International Public Safety Association-Webinar- Heroes are Human Too (March 28th, 2018 at 1000 Arizona Time)

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  • 2017- Call for Speakers Alaska Annual EMS Symposium Webinar. Heroes are Human Too 
  • 2016- ENA 2 x Session Speaker. Heroes are Human Too: Exploring depression, PTSD and Suicide among our Health Care Responders. Los Angeles, CA.
  • Interviewed and published in ENA Connection Magazine. PTSD Victims: Our Veteran Patients and Ourselves. Vol 40 (10), November 2016.
  • 2016. Society of Trauma Nurses Webinar. Heroes are Human Too.
  • 2015- Opening Speaker, Winter Illness and Injury Symposium. Heroes are Human too- Squaw Valley, CA
  • Numerous Base station meetings educational seminars
  • Constant customized educational learning opportunities throughout Reno and Lake Tahoe area.